Only the Market Can Win the Online War for Truth and Reason

With trust in the media at an all-time low, people are looking more and more to alternative sources of information when fact-gathering and forming opinion. There’s nothing wrong with choosing non-mainstream forms of media, and a healthy dose of scepticism does far more good than harm. However when this goes badly wrong, as it often does, you end up with this pandemic of fake news … Continue reading Only the Market Can Win the Online War for Truth and Reason

Attacking Bitcoin Shows Your Age

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, has exploded recently both in value and awareness. Much has been written and said with most of it negative. Cryptocurrency’s growth has introduced to many people what some call the future, unsurprisingly, they don’t like it.   Quite obviously, the bulldogs of old media hate it, the number of anti-innovation articles and bitcoin hating thinkpieces has risen dramatically over the … Continue reading Attacking Bitcoin Shows Your Age

Phoenix Theatre

The Exorcist, Phoenix Theatre – Review

★★★★★ – 5 STARS After a successful run in Birmingham, John Pielmeier’s adaption of William Peter Blatty’s book The Exorcist has hit the stage at the Phoenix Theatre in London. Premiering last October it still manages to pull in a good crowd, even on Valentine’s Day (with surprisingly few goth couples in the audience).   Starting at 8pm, even if it wasn’t Valentine’s, is a … Continue reading The Exorcist, Phoenix Theatre – Review

Theresa May’s New Year Message: A Cynical Review

The Prime Minister posted a New Year’s message a few days ago. Unsurprisingly it was ripped to shreds by numerous commentators; journalists to politicians all weighing in on how utterly useless it was. Unfortunately I found myself even agreeing with Tim Farron on how idiotic some of the things are. So here’s my cynical review of the cringeworthy 4 minute video I’ve had the pleasure of … Continue reading Theresa May’s New Year Message: A Cynical Review

RIP 2016

Everyone’s favourite year is finally over, I’m both excited and apprehensive about what is to come.  But for now, I shall compose a cliche and dull review of my year. I finished my first year at uni, which was terrifying. I did surprisingly well considering I knew nothing of relevance and merely bullshitted my way through the year – but hey that’s how the politicians … Continue reading RIP 2016